{lit up} glow in the dark nail polish – just in time for Halloween

$1.99 for glowing fingers on Halloween? I’m in.

(Although video suggests it costs $3.99- so, it will be cheap, or really cheap)
N.Y.C. Cosmetics Demon Glow Top Coat, $1.99, N.Y.C. Cosmetics for stores.

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{updated acrylic}

 Ok- so I know what you are thinking…acrylic nails? Didn’t we give those up at the junior prom? And I did – until recently. I had a friend tell me about this about a month ago and I don’t know if I can ever go back to natural nails. 

If you have strong, healthy, growing nails – don’t waste your time with these. It is a waste of money and upkeep time. 

But- if you are like me and your nails barely grow (they never have), they break when trying to open a can of soda, they chip easily – or especially if you can’t keep polish on your nails because they are too moisturized (or I suppose, oily) to keep the polish on for the whole week it is supposed to stay put. 

I tried shellac a month ago, around the time I got started on this. I was able to peel the shellac off my nail beds the night I had it done, with no damage to my nail. It was so odd. I just can’t keep it on – it’s a waste. 

So – a friend told me about her acrylics –that to me, looked just like shellac. I loved them and went and tried them the next day. 

Warning: don’t go in and get the typical full set.  

Ask for: 

No tips (this is key) 

Super thin acrylic 

Very short length

And choose your favorite color and have the manicurist paint them! 

The best part about these is how long they last, and how versatile they are. I change up the color of my nails a lot –  maybe too much, and I was able to paint them myself 4 times on one set before having them filled. 

To maintain your nails – buy a file block and when they start to grow out a bit, file down the length and also the edge that has grown out. It will smooth it out and then you can apply polish over it and it looks good as new! Even if you don’t want colored polish, and you like clear – that works too. You can’t tell the difference- it looks like a natural nail. 

Best part is this is cheaper than shellac. I went yesterday and had a fill, manicure and new color for $17.00- and I only need to do this every 4 weeks. 


{new} mac cosmetics styleseeker nail polish


Unfortunely I can’t write a review of these lacquers since I have not been able to get my hands on them yet, but I can’t wait to try. Mac’s newest collection, The StyleSeeker collection is apparently based on a “nomadic” vibe. Hmm – I am going to bet that true traveling nomads have no business with makeup, but hey – what do I know. If you can’t find them in stores where you live, order them online at Maccosmetics.com and ship them for free with the promo code, NOMAD.

Below- my top pick.



{black on black}


  1. Paint your entire nail with black polish.
  2. Next paint a matte topcoat over all of the nails.
  3. Next, just for fun, paint an accent nail with stripes. Cut 1/4″ strips of tape and lay them across the nail.
  4. Use your original shiny black polish to coat over the strips of tape. Let that dry while you do the next step.
  5. Make a little puddle of the shiny black polish and use a dotting tool to make different sized dots on the other nails. They’ll kind of end up looking like rain drops.
  6. When you’re finished with your dots, peel back the tape strips on your accent nail to reveal the matte stripes. Then clean up the edges.

Adapted from TBD.

{you’re being taped} scotch tape nail art


Nail art is worlds easier when you cheat.

Scotch tape, Sally Hansen Nail Shields, thin brush nail polish – all make it easy to look like you spent hours perfecting your nails.

Here are a couple rules of thumb when using scotch tape:

  • It’s best to do Scotch Tape nail art on second-day nails, but if you can’t wait a full day, give your base color at least a full hour of drying time. Waiting is hard but it’s the only way to avoid smudging and pulling up the first polish when you remove the tape.
  • Cut Scotch Tape to the desired size and shape, and apply firmly to the nail. Run another nail along the edge of the tape to assure a tight seal. You don’t want any polish to run underneath the tape as you paint.
  • Fill in the stenciled area with a contrasting shade of polish, and slowly remove the tape while the polish is still wet.
  • Allow the polish to dry completely so the colors don’t smear into each other, and then finish off with a good top coat.