{THE} September Issue…and the math

Seriously Vogue – 5lbs of Magazine? You know how annoying that is to carry around an airport? …

Loved every page of it.

916: number of pages
658: number of ad pages – whoa.
1.25 million: total average circulation
37.4: median age of readers – this just means I am…mature.
89/11: audience percentage female/male
$165,000: the prices of a one-page ad…this translates to 1.085 million in advertising revenue, and for someone who works in the industry – that is INSANE.
$5.99: newsstand cost of one issue – multiplied by the average circulation of  1.25 million = 7.5 million in circualation revenue (probably a bit less due to the fact that newstand rates are heavily increased over subscription rates – but still!)

Also, it’s 1.2 inches thick and weighs 4.62 pounds.

Numbers provided by Racked.com.


{best kept european secret} ok- maybe not the BEST, but…

 Wet and Wild doesn’t even compare- except for their price points.

If you need a “trendy” makeup item – bright lip color, fun blush, waterproof makeup for a few summer months…this is the makeup to buy. There are a few items that even make it into my daily routine. They are worth a try- and if you hate it, the worst part is, you are only out a few bucks.

Although not pictured, there are a few additional Essense products that are worth a try…

Essense “Better Than Gel Nails” topcoat is awesome. It gives any polish a  shellac shine for 2.99!

Essense Waterproof Pen Eyeliner – great for summer and stays put.


Below – Stay Don’t Stray Long Lasting Lipgloss – $2.99

This stuff is great. The collection has great colors, baby pinks, bright oranges, deep plums. It really does last a long time – probably because it is fairly thick. The color holds its own without lipstick and has a great color payout.


Lash and Brow Clear Mascara $2.99

So I most definitely don’t use this for my eyelashes, and opt for my brows instead. A close 2nd to waterproof mascara, brow makeup/products are my favorite makeup product (for now). I feel like in order for your eye makeup to look right and polished, you have to have a good frame on  your eyes – cue the brow. If like tinted brow mascara, this isn’t for you. I like clear because it’s foolproof and I like the way it blends together the brow powder. Just brush up and out on your brows and they will stay there without feeling crusty (yeah I used that word) like hairspray can make them feel. Maybe my sister and I are the only people that used to do that? Spray hairspray on a spoolie or a eyebrow brush and apply? Ha, totally works if you don’t have brow gel – but just don’t rub your eyebrows, they will flake off.

XXXL Shine Lipgloss  in Nude Kiss 3.99

This tastes like cotton candy- who doesn’t love that? Even if cotton candy is gross, cotton candy or frosting flavored lip glosses are the best. These lipglosses actually remind me of some of the shiny colored Mac glosses. But around  1/3 of the price. I wouldn’t say they beat Mac – but they do the job and you can try out different colors for less. They are good to keep in your purse or pop in your clutch when you go out. At least if you lose it on a Friday night when you’re out (along with your debit card and ID) you are only out 4 bucks.

Gel Eyeliner $3.99

I have written about this secret before on my blog. This is the best long lasting potted eyeliner you can find at a drugstore. It compares to Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack. They sell a brush you can use with it, but I prefer the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner brush,  it’s just  a bit more flexible and user friendly. Wash your brush in between uses and it will glide on flawlessly. Make sure if you are a gel eyeliner person (which really is universally flattering on all eye shapes) that you get the liner in between your lashes and your lid. There is a little ridge in between that people tend to miss and it really ruins the effect of the eyeliner. Plus, the closer your liner is to your lashes, the thicker they will look.

So where in the world do you find Essense Cosmetics?

They can be found at both Fred Meyer and Ulta.