{Inside} Kyle DeWoody’s Playful NY Apartment

The Fashion Medley

Kyle DeWoody is a 27-year-old creative director and cofounder of the art-meets-design store Grey Area. Her colorful apartment, situated in New York’s Greenwich Village, boasts a mix of designer pieces and discount, flea-market finds with an emphasis on modern lines, metals, and art. “Every apartment I lived in has developed differently.”

“I bought the bar cart for $75 in New Jersey, and I also bought a matching magazine rack to hold my records,” DeWoody says of this area, which boasts a considerable portion of her art collection.

“I grew up in two different homes. One was my father’s nice, slightly bourgeois apartment with Biedermeier furniture and nineteenth-century oil paintings that he mixed in with his own work. Then there was my mother’s house, which was like Auntie Mame on an art high (if you don’t know the reference, you have to see the 1958 film),” explains DeWoody of her living room’s influence. “I would…

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{How To} Stars and Stripes Cutoffs

Miss the boat on buying these puppies when they were all over Topshop last year (and the year before)? Me too. I think quite a few people are in this boat, or perhaps it’s just more fun to reincarnate a pair of cut offs you don’t wear anymore!

What you need:

A pair of cut offs

Fabric Paint

Star Stencil or Star patches, adhesives, or embellishments – up to you.

Masking/Painting Tape

Foam Brush and Paint Brush (for detail)

Remember, you don’t have to stencil your stars on, there are so many options for this step. I bet Joann or Michael will be able to help you with plenty of other options.

Be sure to tape any area you don’t want painted – or you are out of luck. Better safe than sorry – you only want to do this once.

You may be better off hand painting the stars if you want a “sharp” effect.

Also- if you want a faded look like most of the shorts in stores, wait for the paint to fully dry and wash them without soap in the washer – this will speed up the process and give them the “worn” look.

Thanks to What I Wore for the photos!

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Nothing is better than Ice Cream Drumsticks in the summer. Except maybe Ice Cream Sandwiches. I guess, ok – maybe it is just a souped up ice cream cone – but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. I love the idea of making things you can only buy at the store – at home.

The whole process can be found at Instructables. Most important step? Be sure to wrap the wax paper at least 2″ above the top of the cone, and obviously add more chocolate than needed.

Next projects – homemade Oreos and Poptarts.

Thanks CandC!

{Save Some Skrilla}

My inbox has been flooded with online and in-store sales this week . Here is a peek at some of them:

Free People “Surprise” Sale – online specials and extra 25% off sale in store thru 7/2

 Urban Outfitters Big Ass Summer Sale – online and in-stores – no end date mentioned!

Anthropologie – last day of “Just Because” free shipping for orders over 100.00, enter YOUFIRST at checkout

Shu Uemera – Free 3-piece set with 65.00 purchase until July 1st

Mac Cosmetics – Free 2nd day shipping with code STARS

Bath and Body Works – The Semi-Annual Sale is still going until July 8th. 75% off numerous products, $4 Select Body care, $6 Wallflowers, $3 Body Gel and Anti Bac- in store and online

Zara – Starting tomorrow(6/28) Zara kicks off their big sale – bummer for us in Seattle, there are no stores, but- sale is online too!

{grow your own}

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I have been “growing my hair out” for about a year now. Obviously its growing, but the process requires a hell of a lot of patience and a whole lot of awkward stages. Tip – don’t get impatient and cut bangs mid grow out session. It doesn’t solve your problem and then just creates a “bang phase,” you know the one. The one where all pictures are doomed because you are growing out your bangs and you have to pretend like you didn’t exist for 6 months since there is no photo evidence due to voluntary de-tagging and deleting?


Anyways – thank goodness there actually are some options to help speed things up.


Biotin Supplements

I was recommended these by a hair stylist and started taking one 5000 mcg a day (when I remember). It is supposed to enhance hair growth, nail growth and even eyelash growth – so I figured it would be a win all around. My opinion – it works well enough for being a supplement with no side effects or freaky ingredients (well at least I personally have had no negative side effects). It is not a miracle product – but I think just the mental idea of taking it also makes me think its working. Be sure to check the mcg when you purchase, 1000 mcg will do nothing – be sure to have at least 4000 or 5000. One pill a day is enough, your body can only handle so much anyways before it rids the excess itself and then you are just wasting supplements. You can purchase them at any drugstore for under $10.00. Don’t waste your time with the fancy brands, it’s all the same.


I am really anxious to try this product. I read a lot of beauty blogs and everyone recommends this product. Especially actresses and models since their hair goes thru the ringer on a daily/weekly basis. Now this is not as cost friendly as the Biotin Supplement. This product costs $100.00 for three months of pills, and that is with their buy 2 months, get the third free promotion. Check it out here. The reviews on this product are great, with most people saying they noticed a difference in their hair within the first month. 


Argan (Moroccan) Oils

By now Moroccan Oil has created its own craze and has quite a bit of hype in the past year. There are plenty of different brands and duplicates of this product. This product doesn’t help your hair grow- but it keeps the hair you do have on your head -and helps keep it healthy. This product also helps repair damage caused by heating tools. There are so many claims about what this will do for your hair, but basically since its an oil, it will moisturize your hair and keep it from becoming dry and brittle – and therefore protecting from breakage and damage. Best part about this oil is it is fine-hair friendly. It doesn’t weigh my hair down – which is essential to any product I put in this zero volume mane of mine. I started using it a week ago- and yes, it’s worth using.


Be good to your hair. It’s easier than you think and gives you an excuse to not have perfectly curled and flat ironed hair each day.


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